Our Founding Members

(In alphabetical order)

Arijit Roy

Chartered Accountant

Specializes in strategic planning and implementation of financial structures and regulatory assurance.

Avishek De Biswas

Freelance Professional

MA in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University and a Fellow Democracy Express from the Indian School of Democracy. I am an artist and also a social activist who takes a keen interest in policy and politics.

Prapa Ganguly 

Law & Justice

As a lawyer and experience in dispute resolution, both civil and criminal and a penchant for environmental and social issues.


Roshni Ali 

Film-maker | Environmentalist

My goal is to bring balance in nature, create awareness about higher living, and grow the collective consciousness. 

Passionate about the environment, animal welfare, and fighting injustice. 

Avik Sen

MSME- Pharmaceutical

Running a distributorship from Barabazar. I  am willing to help all such people, particularly small businesses, in whatever way I can. 

Barnik Datta

Strategy and Marketing Formulation Specialist

A strong believer in upholding dignity of human life. 

Ronodeep Dutta

Law & Justice
A legal professional and also a chartered accountant, I would like to apply the knowledge, skill and experience acquired over a decade in helping all those lacking the basic necessities of life. 

Saptarshi Banerjee

Law & Justice

As an advocate practising at the Calcutta High Court, I am passionate about civil rights and writ proceedings alongside my regular practice in commercial laws.

Dr. Sumit Ghosh


Working as a Medical Officer at the Special Newborn Care Unit at Malbazar

Super Speciality Hospital at Jalpaiguri, 

Life for me has always had one principle, 'Humanity First!'

Our Mission

We were all caught off guard when an extended Lockdown was announced. After a few days we felt that there is a major global shift, which this pandemic is bringing. The need to help during the crisis was overwhelming.The  world needs compassion and solidarity. 

That's when the idea of an online community whose main goal is to make the world a better place was formed. This community aspires to be a network of passionate individuals who can extend support to people who cannot afford basic necessities or who can afford but do not have access to it.  It's a forum where information can be shared, ideas exchanged and actions can be put into motion. 

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Coming together

April 20, 2020


Our website just went live along with our social media .pages. We are gearing up to extend support to anyone we can. 

We formed this organization keeping the best interest of our community in mind. We will offer free services to those who cannot afford it. 


The current scenario is worrisome, as we are expecting another extension of the lock-down. There are many people who are in need of assistance.  

Legal issues are about to rise with unemployment rates rising and small businesses being brought to a closure. 

We are open to bloggers who would like to share their experiences. 


We believe, together we are stronger.



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